Sativa: 10% / Indica: 90%
Harvest outdoor: end of september
Flowering Indoor: harvesting 2 weeks yearlier than any feminized strain
THC: 19%

Knowing in cannabis world environment for its exclusive characteristics this is a little and strong strain with wide and deep green colour leaves. Its intense aroma can be a trouble indoor if we have not any good filter system to make the smell disappear.

Our Northern lights is an antique phenotype difficult to find nowadays. Winner of the 1st prize in La Bella Flor 2006 and the 2nd Hydro award in Hidroponia Spannabis 2007” too.

As you can see it`s ideal to grow in hydroponic systems, but not necessary because it is very adaptable to all subtracts. Outdoor: due to it´s small size, ideal for balconies Harvest.