Genetics: OG Kush x California Trainwreck
Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks with heavy Trichome production at the 5th week and keeps filling out till harvest.
Outdoors: September – October
Yield: Kandy Kush is a medium to high yielding marijuana strain
Flavor: Earthy, Musky, Lemon, Fuel, Fruit
Effects: Very strong if too much is smoked. With light quantities it can have a very cerebral effect, but smoke a lot and you will be stuck to the couch
Potency: THC – 20%+

Kandy Kush combines two great strains, California Trainwreck and OG Kush for a blend of citrus and fuel with sweet undertones, that leaves your mouth watering. Kandy Kush tends to pack on weight later in flower and is a excellent yielding strain. We recommend Kandy Kush for those suffering from pain and insomnia.